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  • Fortrus provides engaging, interactive and intuitive software solutions that just work…

  • Groundbreaking Electronic
    Medical Records using the
    latest EMC and Adobe technologies.
    Adobe Enterprise Solution Partner BUSINESS
  • Digitise paper and deliver
    a return on investment with our
    Mobius Electronic Document Management suite
    EMC and Laserfiche Authorised Reseller

Our Customers.

Helping a wide range of organisations save money and increase efficiency.

Our Customers

Our Partners.

We partner with companies such as EMC, Adobe, Laserfiche, Apple & Kodak.

Our Partners


At the highest level, the heritage of Fortrus is that of a company specifically focussed on applying user experience design skills and techniques to create software interfaces that end users find engaging and intuitive. In turn, this enables them to view greater and more complex information more readily than through any other means. The key is that our approach sits as an abstract layer built around the requirements of the user rather than being an extended interface from any single system or a 'mash-up' of multiple systems through a portal.


How we can help.

We provide a range of solutions to enable organisations to access their information more effectively.

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